Zuri Agency Africa Group

Registration Number: 1209/2019

Company Description:

Zuri Agency’s are a subsidiary of Zuri Agency Africa Group. As Agencies we have a footprint in South Africa were we are founded since 2014. We now have a physical presence in Zimbabwe and now focusing on putting physical structures in Zambia, Malawi and Botswana. Zuri Agency Africa Group is also a business model and a program management system for Zuri Africa Global Programs. The business model system is designed for purposes of scouting the best finest talent, train, groom and deport people of different ages on personal development, life skills and models on how to pose, walk the runway, and appear on television. 

Team Profile

We share a mutual interest of a unique creative ability and prestigi-ous services in the country. We are proud professionals and happy with our services that we provide in the market. We have a broad network with Countries from outside for easy and efficient for easy coordination of shows, events and programs.

Vision Statement:

Our aim is to develop and nurture students in-order for them to reach their highest potential. We believe that learning to walk with pride, dress with style, and speak with authority are important to self-assurance and community values.

Our Mission:

* To provide services that are cost effective and efficient
* To develop and nurture students in-order for them to reach their highest potential
* Effective program implementation and supervision
* Attain a high level of moral standard

Corporate Values:

Dedicated to serve
Excellence in work
Uphold high standards of

Services & Registration Requirement

To register with Zuri Agency Inc. you need to send 4 current and recent snapshots photos. They do not need to look professional unless you already have them. Are preference are natural shots, without make-up, hats, sunglasses or long hair covering face etc.

We prefer straight forward simple shots that capture the prospective models natural coloring and every day look. We highly recommend that you do not send anything of great importance that you necessarily need back. We prefer all photos and our registration form sent via email and/or WhatsApp.

Grooming Classes

  • Techniques in Modeling 
  • Photographic Modeling 
  • Posing for Magazine 
  • Television acting and character 
  • Communication with and/or in front of an audience 
  • Posture and attitude 
  • Ramp styles  
  • Personal hygiene 
  • Castings and fashion shows 
  • Etiquette 
  • And finally a Certificate of participation

Acting Classes

  • Posture and attitude 
  • Use Of Voice and training 
  • Breathing techniques 
  • How to interpret text 
  • Developing good memory of words 
  • Condence and facials 
  • Communication 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Interpretation of different roles 
  • Film and theater 
  • Script basics 
  • Finally a Certificate of Participation

Advertising Classes

  • Posing for Magazine 
  • Posture and attitude 
  • Personal hygiene 
  • Make-up 
  • Castings and fashion shows 
  • Photographic Modeling 
  • Etiquette 
  • And finally a certificate of Participation