African Cultural Leadership Awards

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We are proud of what our profession contributes to a more sustainable environment. There is much to celebrate! Your organisation can be part of that celebration by sponsoring one or more of the Awards and demonstrating your support for our profession. Our 2019 Awards provide an opportunity for us to work in partnership with selected sponsors to highlight the achievements of our members and others.



The African Cultural Leadership Awards was established to develop and deliver a quality and innovative programme of Cultural Leadership Awards. The program recognise excellence in cultural heritage retention and conservation, cultural ethono-tourism and heritage education within the public and private sector. African Clutural Leadership Awards promotes Africas intergrity, cultural heritage and practice retention and conservation to the wider community.

The awards recognise and reward the very best businesses and individuals showcasing an outstanding contribution to the African and Visitor Economy. Also those that are excelling in respective areas, contributing to improving the standing of Africa on a Global scale. The awards will also be outwardly focusing on organizations and individuals that are making significant contributions to African communities. The awards will have three categories.

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Cultural Heritage and Tourism
is now of such importance to the local economy, that it has been selected by political and business leaders as one of the four key growth sectors that have the potential to make a step change in our economy over the next decade.

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We want to continue this unique event that discovers and acknowledges the vital role that culture, heritage and cultural leadership plays in our lives and yet at the same time preserve it.