About Zuri Africa Queen

Zuri Africa is an annual premier media forum and expo for African cultural and ethnic-tourism for a Global audience. This noble, prominent and laudable African cultural heritage initiative is one of the most attended African global cultural educational and leadership program that also seeks to mentor young women in ethno-cultural, sociological effective leadership and advocacy. The program is attracting more than 51 Countries and audience from the build up stage. In just few months of launching it has over 22 Countries franchised to participate at its Africa Queen finals. The Food Arts and Cultural Festival will attract over 20 000 people in attendance and millions in program broadcast and television viewership, achieved through our broadcast program partnerships.


Are themed on promoting Cultural Heritage and Tourism amongst the participating countries especially the sponsors. These activities shall be production material which shall be packed and broadcasted locally and internationally by Television channels and online platforms like youtube and other social networks. These events shall be held at different venues of cultural importance and are a tool to capitalize on as to promote and advance the African Cultural Heritage Sector. As part of the build up to the Grand Finale, Zuri Africa Contestant shall go through Championship Events where they shall show off their leadership skills, gifts, cultural preservation etc. These events shall have the following objectives to ensure the outcomes which are: 

  • Safeguarding and promoting intangible Heritage.
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • International Unity for Heritage Advocacy
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Character Building
  • Team Building
  • Education 
  • Cultural Exchange

National Directorship

To become a National Director for your Country you will need to register with us.

Activities During Zuri Africa Queen

Cultural Night of the Gifted

This competition is a Gift performance show, i.e. Talent in layman’s terms. It is based on gifts/talents that are Traditional, Heritage themed depending per country. So each contestant shows off her country’s culture through the heritage performance.

Cultural Heritage Queen of Debate

Contestants shall engage in a Cultural Heritage themed Debate, discussion and Public Speaking session, where they shall be split in to two groups.

Heritage Cuisine Queen

 This shall be a culinary contest whereby each contestant shall be required to make a dish from her country. Not necessarily a full course meal. Each contestant is required to carry some of her ingredients since some will not be found in the Host country.

Queen of Heritage Crafts

Each contestant shall bring traditional /cultural materials from her country, which she shall use to hand make a cultural item from her country in front of an invigilator (observers). The cultural Craft must represent contestant’s cultural heritage. The craft item should also show the contestant’s creativity and sense of artistic direction. Duration of making shall be one Hour. Crafts are artisanal products are those produced by artisans, either completed by hand, or with the help of hand tools or even mechanical means, as long as the direct manual contribution of the artisan remains the most substantial component of the finished product.  

Ludo-Diversity Queen

The contestants shall play traditional African games. Ludo Diversity refers to the wide diversity in games, sports, physical exercises, dances and acrobatics. Contestants shall engage into traditional games, from different African Countries where they shall play them as individuals and in teams. Traditional sports and games are part of intangible heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies. They are also an efficient means to convey values of solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness and cultural awareness

a. Cultural Heritage Leadership workshops
b. Touring Heritage and Tourism destinations
c. Use of recreational cultural facilities
d. Courtesy Visits
e. Press Conferences
f. Dinners
g. Brand Activations
h. Charitable Events
I. Cultural Heritage Exhibition
j. Talent Heritage Fashion show
k. Diplomatic Embassies Programs
L. House Chores (cooking and laundry etc)

Join Hundreds of People

We want to continue this unique event that discovers and acknowledges the vital role that culture, heritage and cultural leadership plays in our lives and yet at the same time preserve it.