About The Founder

Individualism singles out the purpose of ubuntu, “oneness” towards fostering the idea that brings us together which is Africa.  

As a collective it is possible to build our dream on this foundation and together we can contribute to a better Africa, re-presenting its true original roots based on culture, traditions, heritage and inheritances. 



ryan nush

A creative, entertainer, entrepreneur and pan Africanist focused on contributing toward Africa’s growth and strategy, branding and showcasing of African cultural-heritage to a global audience.

Africa has a huge influence but the right image it deserves is not out there, so we have to take the image as a huge accountability for ourselves and realize that Africa really does have a reputation. But if we allow our stories to be told, our stories will be told with their agenda on what they need to be able to benefit from Africa. So we have to be able to tell our own stories so we can be able to understand how we can utilize that story to benefit our development. We need to understand that this World is all about branding and marketing and it is possible to make Africa the best place we want to to be”. 



We want to continue this unique event that discovers and acknowledges the vital role that culture, heritage and cultural leadership plays in our lives and yet at the same time preserve it.