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Zuri Africa is an annual event which is hosted by Africans and friends of Africa. We invite Africa Governments to support our initiative to promote our cultural-heritage in their respective countries. Together lets embrace our African Cultural Diversities.

Zuri Africa Global Program

existing since 2014

“To expose Africa’s cultural heritage and inheritances & creating viable investment opportunities to the Global community”. 

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Mission Statement

To create an environment for self-improvement, building of self-confidence and enhancing of self-esteem. Exposing and mentoring cultural leaders, at the same time using a global media platform to showcase our African Cultural Heritage.


About The Program

The program is an official partner to African Business Link (ABL) and African Federation of State And Business Affairs (AFSBA) a not for profit International organisation sharing a common passion and desire to impact on Africa’s economies through networking, trade, value exchange and shared knowledge. Zuri Africa initiative was established in South Africa at Heritage Africa Society House, Rivonia and this will be the first edition launching in South Africa.

The term 'Zuri' is a feminine name derived from Eastern Africa, Swahili that means beauty (the beauty of African) Zuri Africa is an inspirational concept that wishes to magnify and instil a sense of a deep African cultural pride that will be showcased to a global audience and communicate the positive aspects of African cultural norms and our doctrine of Ubuntu. The presentations are of a very high professional standard and the judges have to be eminent cultural Scholar's, Pan Africanist and distinguished philanthropist toward African Cultural or indigenous knowledge systems. We select the boot camp venue that best suits the ideology of the program and these venues will be ecological-friendly sites and locations that help in creating an environment for the ladies to have the exposure and be able to make a difference in their sphere of influence. The grand finale and expo venue will be in high traffic resort areas and/or venues that attract mass viewership

The African Cultural Leadership Awards was established to develop and deliver a quality and innovative programme of Cultural Leadership Awards. The program recognise excellence in cultural heritage retention and conservation, cultural ethono-tourism and heritage education within the public and private sector. African Cultural Leadership Awards promotes Africa's intergrity, cultural heritage and practice retention and conservation to the wider community. The awards recognise and reward the very best businesses and individuals showcasing an outstanding contribution to the African and Visitor Economy. Also those that are excelling in respective areas, contributing to improving the standing of Africa on a Global scale. The awards will also be outwardly focusing on organizations and individuals that are making significant contributions to African communities. The awards will have three categories.

The Food Arts Culture Festival will be an iconic event on the African festival calendar with a long and proud tradition of celebrating the best of remote Indigenous Africa. This will be the most-loved Territory festival attracting more than 10 000+ strong audience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from all over Africa who descend upon the North West Province in South Africa to camp and take part in a program of food, music, sport, traditional arts and cultural activities for a 6-day weekend in October each year, welcomed by the traditional owners. The Festival seeks to secure an important place in Africa’s character and history. With the right strategic partners and support, the festival will grow into one of the premier events in Africa (Host Countries), offering a unique opportunity to share and experience the pride and strength of African culture and traditional meals.

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